Contents Under Pressure


I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.

Warning. Contents under pressure.

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Modesty Blaise 


I really need one.


I really need one.


Living with mental illness is like navigating a mine field every day where you’re the only person who knows about the mines. If you get through the day without tripping a mine, to everyone else it looks like you just took a walk across a nice open field. It’s not worth mentioning, let alone congratulating you over. But if you lose and everything blows up in your face, everyone notices. Everyone sees. And since they can’t see the mines, they just assume you built the bomb yourself and let it explode.

House Martell: Not your erotic, not your exotic


(title taken from the poem of the same name by Suheir Hammad)

I’m crawling out of my little fandom hole because three episodes in, I’m becoming increasingly irritated at how Oberyn Martell and the Dornish on a whole are being portrayed in Game of Thrones. 

Apparently, when not attending weddings, Oberyn and Ellaria can be found exclusively in a brothel inciting an orgy of some sort. Even when they do attend outside events, they are drawn to the scantily clad contortionist or to propositioning fellow guests by suggestively eating food. Yes, Dorne is more sexually permissive than other areas of Westeros. Paramours are common, noble-born women have sex before and outside of marriage, and bastards are not scorned and hidden away. For the writers of Game of Thrones, this means one thing: more sex scenes.

Instead of highlighting how racist the Westerosi attitudes towards Dorne are, the show buys into them, reducing the Dornish so far to a few men in turbans and over sexed characters with quick tempers. So far, Oberyn Martell has spent his time having sex, issuing threats and hotheadedly killing stray Lannister soldiers. Gone is any subtlety he had in the book, where he patiently bided his time with his brother to seek justice for his sister, Elia. Instead show!Oberyn is the orientalist archetype of a highly sexed, overly passionate non-white male, unable to keep either his libido or temper in check.

Coming on top of Essos and how the characters there are PoC who are either cruel, barbaric, avaricious slave owners or slaves who need to be saved by the white saviour character (and this is without mentioning the cringe worthy end of season 3 where Daenery’s crowd surfs a purely brown crowd), this portrayal of Oberyn Martell and Dorne is particularly galling. 

For David Benioff and Dan Weiss it seems Oberyn Martell and Dorne is very much their erotic and their exotic. 

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i never thought i would have a reason to post one of these but here it goes: IF YOU LIVE IN THE MATSU REGION OF ALASKA AVOID THIS MOTHER FUCKER.

his name is Douglas Kendrick. he is a thief, a stalker, and an ABUSER. he has beaten the shit out of my cousin twice now and alaska state law does not allow them to put him in jail because she fought back to defend herself and they consider that “mutual combat.” there are also allegations of prior abusive relationships with his other exes.

in addition to that, he harasses and stalks women in his apartment building, and has stolen money on multiple occasions to support his drug habit.

DO NOT ENGAGE WITH HIM, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A YOUNG WOMAN! he seems very charming when you first meet him, but IT IS AN ACT, HE CAN AND WILL HURT YOU.

please signal boost this, the cops aren’t doing shit about this guy.

like 500w to go but it’s basically dinner time i’ve been here almost 7 hours it’s dark outside i’m sore and tired 

time for a proper break

goal: finish essay before midnight = still achievable