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ahhhh Ms.Morell has a first name O_o since when? (also if that’s the case I support any and all Marin/Laura GO!) the controls in skyrim are so wonky sometimes that i try to run away and get hit in the face with a blast instead

… oh goddd, um, oh! RIGHT, Deucalion was the one who said it first I think? YEAH, in 3.02 when she’s sealed the ash line and they’re walking away from the vault Deuc says “Don’t kid yourself, Marin. It’s not the first time you’ve gotten your hands dirty.” (thank u internet)

it’s possible that Alan also calls her that at some point, i don’t recall, but yeah that’s her name!

also lmao, i sympathise, i run into walls all the time in that game. SUCH GRACE SUCH STEALTH.

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wait marin? do i need to know this person? is that someone that showed up in s4? CONFUSION PENNY ALL THE CONFUSION! (also argh fuck dragons for always showing up when i haven’t saved after half an hour of enchanting )

no no, Marin Morrell!! like I know most people just call her Ms. Morrell but her name is Marin, so I call her that.

also ahahhahaha yea, fuckin’ dragons, it’s like they KNOW. no shame, sometimes I’m just like “aw fuck no i can’t with you rn” and run away. (usually into a sabrecat, tho, so it usually ends badly.)

transwolves replied to your post “MARIN LAURA TALK TO ME ABOUT IT”



choose your canon-divergence! 

A) after the dust has settled from recent events Lydia stomps up to Marin and demands to know what she knows about banshee powers (because Alan told her that his sister knew more, and bc fuck ever going near Peter again), demanding to know how her powers allowed her to resurrect that creeper and demanding to know whether she can bring Allison back.

and it’s possible, Marin explains, but it’s difficult and disturbing and painful, and the result isn’t always what you want. but Lydia insists on trying, and Marin bargains with her that if she helps her do this and Lydia succeeds then she has to do her best to bring Laura back too.

and it is difficult and horrible and painful, but Lydia is successful, both times, obviously. and after a long and painful and traumatic recovery period, Laura’s back, and whole, beating heart and breathing lungs and hot blood. and there’s still a lot of tension between Marin and Laura, but after everything they’ve gone through they manage to work it out, let it stay in the past so they can move forward.

and of course Lydia also brings Erica and Boyd back (and then swears she’s never doing that ritual ever again) and they join Laura’s pack of not-dead werewolves and together with Marin they head off into the South American sunset to find Cora and live happily ever after as the pack they wanted to be. and all is well and they live long lives.


B) a couple of years after Laura and Derek left BH they’re settling into life in New York and Laura’s making Derek go to a local emissary who works as a supernatural counsellor while she looks for work. and she finds a job at a little second hand bookshop owned by these two elderly siblings who know about werewolves but don’t immediately let on about it to her, instead making her paranoid for a few months with a bunch of offhand comments around the full moon and stuff, until she figures them out and they all laugh about it. and they treat her like family because their family were awful, and they know what it’s like to have to make a life on your own in a strange new city. and they dote on Derek and make him blush, and let him sit around reading old history books in his spare time.

and then Laura is going to get coffee one day and she sees a new shop has opened up a block away, in an old CD store, and it’s an apothecary. and Laura’s curiosity is piqued because it’s pretty unusual to see those, so she sticks her head in the door, and there’s Marin, behind the dark wood counter, smiling slyly at her and sliding a freshly brewed cup of Laura’s favourite verbena and lavender tea blend across towards her. and Laura is so shocked and elated that she bursts into tears and pulls Marin into her arms and they just stay like that for like half an hour, and then spend the rest of the afternoon together catching up. 

and Marin’s business is super successful, obviously, and she settles into life with Laura and Derek. and Cora finds them eventually, and they’re one big happy pack, and live happily ever after.

(and the Alpha pack never happens, Kali and Julia are happy okay, and Peter never gets better and just dies the end.)

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in our bedroom during the war


so thanks to tyler hoechlin and this horrible, horrible insight to s4 filming i was compelled to write a alternate take on the scene from 4x09

now complete with 100% more crying and 100% more hugging

They were both idiots.

They were both idiots but more importantly they were both terrified. Their relationship started at a horrible transition in each of their lives. Scott was afraid of what he was becoming, while Derek was afraid of where he’d end up after everything he lost.

Mistakes were made over and over but now everything’s changed.

Scott didn’t realize the shift until right now as he stands inside Derek’s loft; the loft where everything happened. He feels something inside him turn over completely when he sees the gun on Derek’s bed. Scott can’t loose someone else, not another person that has been there from the start. How will their stories be told if everyone is gone?

He picks up the gun and the weight in his hand feels off. Derek shouldn’t have to do this, shouldn’t have to find some other the way to defend himself. Scott flips it over, tracing his fingers along the barrel as something stirs in his chest.

“Be careful with that.” Derek says as he walks to stand in front of him.

Scott takes a deep, shaky breath, “I thought you didn’t like guns.” He stumbles over his words, clearly more affected than he thought he was, “Does this have something to do with your eyes?”

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but okay so i literally don't understand I have never watched xena... they fucked, right? like i've never seen more blatant lesbianism in all the gifs and pictures from my dashboard. like, xena and gabrielle totally did the do, correct? all they do is caress and spoon with each other????





Right though? RIGHT? Every other show that supposedly has so much subtext~ makes me laugh because have you seen Xena? Literal actual things that have happened on Xena:

  • Lots of direct “I love you”s and “You are my heart” and “you’re all that matters to me” “you’re my family” “people think home is a place, it can be a person” “you are my way” “I don’t care what path as long as it’s with you” etc etc
  • Gabs pinching Xena’s butt multiple times
  • taking baths with each other, giving massages
  • Xena, at this point still very stoic in general, pounding on a dead Gabrielle’s chest, screaming “DON’T LEAVE ME” over and over and crying in front of a room full of people
  • Joxer asks Xena “Is that a hickey?” and Gabrielle looks so guilty wow
  • Duet in musical episode declaring “we’re safe cuz love will be our guide” which makes the evil illusions literally explode
  • "Whatever happens, always remember my love for you is endless"  - (kiss mark) Xena
  • Eve has two moms I mean “Looks like you got your daughter back” “No we got our daughter back”
  • that time Gabrielle threw herself and Hope off a cliff to keep Xena from dying
  • that time Gabrielle was a pacifist but when Xena was downed, grabbed her sword and went on a rampage killing at least 8 romans to try and protect her
  • that time Gabrielle was supposedly dead and Xena followed her into the afterlife, heedless of whether she’d be able to return
  • that time Xena was dead and inhabiting Autolycus’ body and she and Gabrielle’s spirits met in some undefined place and she leaned in to kiss her and it cut to Autolycus kissing Gabs with his (Xena’s) hands on her butt
  • Xena got fricking Sappho to write Gabrielle a love poem for her birthday. Sappho. Like.
  • Soulmates
  • No really they are 100% canonically soulmates that are reincarnated together time after time, they refer to each other as this multiple times
  • also one of those pairs of soulmates got married in modern times(Xena was a dude though, but then they swapped the souls back into the right bodies and now they’re both ladies look this is a weird show okay shhh)
  • Gabrielle put into a magical sleep surrounded by fire and only her true love’s kiss can wake her WHO DO YOU THINK DOES THAT HMM
  • that time Caesar rewrote history and Xena was his empress and Gabrielle was a playwright that visited rome and they fell in love at first sight and Xena died for her and Gabrielle was so mad she destroyed the world
  • "If I only had 30 seconds left to live, this is how I’d want to live them, looking into your eyes"
  • I am not even coming close to covering everything
  • In conclusion:


that time Caesar rewrote history and Xena was his empress and Gabrielle was a playwright that visited rome and they fell in love at first sight and Xena died for her and Gabrielle was so mad she destroyed the world

I really didn’t watch this show. Wow.

Yeah, I mean, if you didn’t get from how hard they hammered it into your head even though *technically* you could *almost* claim plausible deniability of their Sapphic (CANON) soulmate (CANON) love, well…

You probably had your TV turned off, or were asleep at the time.

Most Sapphic Show Ever, and I did watch The L Word.


oh god like i’m all about them growing up together, maybe not exactly the same age but close? because they knew each other through Alan and Talia’s relationship (both business and personal, because oh man, speaking of tiny ships, I’m all aboard that one) and Marin was training to be an emissary and Laura to be an Alpha, and they worked side by side for some things and as time passed they just got close okay (and I’m all about grey-ace!Marin and demi!Laura). and they don’t always agree about things - Marin’s moral code is more grey than Laura’s - but their interests are enough in line that they work well together.

and so they began to talk about it, being an Alpha-Emissary pair for a new pack, and it was a little jokingly at first, but they quickly realised that they wanted it to happen. and when they told Talia and Alan about it they were all “we totally saw that coming” but were v supportive. and they were keeping it quiet for a while until they finished their training and studies and Laura graduated and decided what to do, because it might cause tension in the pack if it splits. but there was plenty of time to figure this out!!

except there wasn’t, because things started going to shit with the Deucalion and the Argents and then there was the fire and Laura lost everything, was suddenly forced into the role of Alpha with a one-wolf pack, and she couldn’t breathe in Beacon Hills anymore, and Derek was having panic attacks, and so she dragged them across the country to family friends, apologising to Marin and pressing a promise to stay in touch and to return soon to her lips before driving away.

but they lost touch through grief and distance and everything was awful for a long time: Laura had lost her anchor, and Derek was distant and angry all the time, and they left the pack they were staying with because they were causing problems, and they drifted alone without guidance for a while until they settled in New York.

and Laura was too raw and proud to call Marin for help for a long time, but when she finally did the number was invalid. so she called Alan and he explained, apologetically, that Marin has taken the role of Emissary in another pack… in Deucalion’s pack. and Laura’s horrified and furious and heartbroken and cuts the last ties and throws herself into making a permanent life in New York.

but then months later she’s heading back to Beacon Hills again…

and then one afternoon shortly after Marin’s heading to Deucalion’s and gets a call from her brother, who tells her that Laura’s dead, and Marin goes cold, that vaguely numb feeling she’s had all day finally making sense. and she allows herself a few minutes to grieve in her car, but then she’s back on task with renewed purpose and an undercurrent of cold fury, walking to meet the Alpha pack and notify them, knowing what they’ll do and knowing what she’ll have to do to keep them in line without them realising.

she has to keep the balance. but it’s Marin’s goal now to make her moral code a slightly light shade of grey whenever possible, because even though she won’t ever be the Emissary she wanted to be, for the pack she wanted, she can still use Laura’s moral code as a guide whenever she’s toeing the line of going too far.


fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on you again for continuing to exploit my sense of trust. trust is not a weakness and should be respected, not taken advantage of.

ack I know I /just/ started following you but I ship Boyd/Lydia to the ends of the earth and I noticed your tag and got excited/surprised? We're scattered out here not even expecting to see one another because we're so few and far between.

UGH OH MY GODDDDD YES, like I only really know one other person who ships it?? but god I love Boyd so, so, so much, he’s so underrated. and like he’s one of the only two guys I’ll ship Lydia with? (it’s him or Derek; I prefer to ship her with girls ahaha.)

but yes Boyd/Lydia is something I never thought about until I found this fic ages ago which was like a OUaT crossover and I was like YESSSS, and since then it’s my quiet background Lydia ship, it just contentedly exists with quiet confidence in it’s excellence and perfection in the background, smirking and munching on cheetos, and every now and then I’ll think about it and get slammed with emotions and despair over the dearth of fanworks for the pairing.

so yes it seems we are indeed both on the same tiny ship *high fives*